This page will be updated periodically with links to stories as I post them online.


The Devil’s Puppet – A man is forced to do a demon’s bidding

Tormented – A college house party goes awry when demons decide to crash the party


 First Moon – Benjamin James has been afflicted by the curse of the werewolf.  Can he survive the First Moon?

Science Fiction:

The Center – What was supposed to be a major stepping stone for modern technology and a new standard in living conditions for workers, quickly turns into a breeding ground for a parasitic alien species


The Hero – Alan Fink’s dream of becoming someone else gets answered.  Is he ready for the consequences?

Short Stories:

Missing – Two spring break bound college girls get trapped in a small town.  When one goes Missing, people start dying

The Watcher – A young man’s life changes forever when it is revealed that he is a “Watcher”, living in a world full of supernatural beings

Flash Fiction Entry – An affair at the town fair sends a man’s life spiraling out of control

Deadly Sins – what starts off as just another day at the office turns into a day of reckoning for the guilty

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