I figure there are worse things floating around in the cybervoid than my thoughts (or not?), so what harm could a little chit-chat do?  Probably a lot more than I can imagine, but I’ll post anyway.

The bigger reason for having a blog is that I’ve always loved to write and up until now I’ve generally kept my stories and opinions to myself (well, not including my wife and family of course).  I write as an outlet to vent ideas, to calm my brain and escape from the real world for a few hours here and there.  It’s therapeutic and entertaining at the same time and hopefully the exercise will keep my mind active later in life (because it doesn’t seem to be helping me much now!).  Hopefully something I write will end up entertaining someone.

I only write fictional stories and I prefer to stick to my favorite genres, Horror and Thrillers.  I do like to add Action and Comedy elements into my stories but I will rarely tackle trying to write an entire novel in those genres.


Horror stories have been a big part of my life.  I grew up watching movies and reading comics and eventually novels that were way passed my age range.  I have to admit that many had a lasting impression, whether constantly checking under my bed, expecting hands to grab my ankles and yank me under at any moment or whether it be to closely watch my mirror image at all times to make sure I would catch even the slightest miscues or even stranger tendencies that I’d be too embarrassed to share publicly.

Thankfully with age all but a very small few have disappeared.  Truthfully I’m so tired at night that I couldn’t care less what was under my bed as long as it stays quiet and lets me sleep.  I feel bad for anything that tries to hide in my closet and I’d almost prefer a troll in my basement than the odd centipede I’ve seen.  Probably the biggest change over time has been my dreams.  Though I’ve always had crazy and wild nightmares, I’ve actually come to enjoy them and that’s where a lot of my inspiration to write comes from.


I think Thrillers are one of the hardest styles to really write well.  I think that most people have great ideas and can imagine how sequences would play out, but putting it all into writing in such a way that others can follow the trail you want them on is very difficult.  Unlike horror, action or comedy, there is a high expectation of accuracy and consistency in thrillers to really hook the audience so that they will be convinced by the plot twists and climaxes.

I think that is a big reason why books are often more enjoyable than their movie adaptations.  In a book, the writer can spend as much time as needed to prove points, cover tracks and fill in holes whereas a movie generally has to squash the entire idea from start to finish into an 1.5 to 2.0 hours.  Also authors have a lot more freedom to build up suspense through emotions and senses where a director is limited to visuals and audio to get the point across.

It’s a lot easier to find loopholes, inconsistencies or misinformation in a thriller and any of those can completely destroy any and all credibility in a single sentence or scene.

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