The Harbinger – Overview

Jeff was a lost soul.  Addictions destroyed his life and everything he cared about.  Ten years after losing his family, he embarked on a road trip to try to overcome the loss, to bring closure and move on.  But fate was not about to loosen its grip.    Unable to cope with the truth behind the death of his wife and young son, he delved even deeper into his addictions, sending himself off on a course that would test the very limits of his will and sanity, destroying countless lives in the process.

Tasked with completing the work of a young man he inadvertently kills, Jeff becomes the puppet of powerful demons, hellbent on devouring innocent souls.

A person often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it” – Jean de la Fontaine.

Below are some quick links to the chapters I’ve posted so far: (Chapters 1 – 9) (Chapters 10 – 18)

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