Vengeance – Overview

After being seduced by the lies and empty promises of the silver-tongued serpent, Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden for their disobedience.  They are forced to carry out their lives, now knowing pain and suffering, until they can one day redeem themselves and regain entry into the paradise they lost.  When the serpent returns to tempt Adam once more, he convinces him to renounce his creator, thereby banishing his soul to the depths of hell.

With her one true love and soul mate exiled to the burning wastelands of death and demons, Eve sets out to rescue him.  Armed with weapons and training of the archangels, Eve must enter hell and atone for her sins by rescuing Adam from Satan‘s fiery clutches, destroying any and all minions of the dark lord that stand in her way.

Links to the story so far: (Chapter 1 – *)

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