Tormented – The End

So Chapters 1 – 36 of Tormented are completed and posted, I tried to keep the online chapters roughly 1000-1500 words to make them easier to read, though that wasn’t always possible. The entire story (online version) is roughly 40k words and the offline version will finish around 60k.  I will update the links on the overview post in a couple of days to include the final two chapters.

A couple of tidbits:

Jeff, the visitor responsible for bringing the demonic tome into the house and causing all of the ensuing chaos is the main character of the story I’ll be working on next, The Devil’s Puppet, though I’m not loving the title anymore and will probably change it.  That story will serve as a prequel to Tormented, though that wasn’t the original idea.  I like spinning off characters for side stories, it helps with generating ideas, and sometimes those stories take on lives of their own.

In The Devil’s Puppet, Jeff takes the fateful road trip instead of flying because he got drunk with a young woman while boarding a flight and got banned from the major airlines.  The main character of the short story Missing, was banned for getting drunk with a stranger and was subsequently banned from major airlines.

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