First Moon – Chapter 5


Ben staggered through the forest for over an hour, propping himself up on each tree he passed.  Most of the pain had dulled except for his leg and forearm.   He had no idea what direction he was going or even where he was for that matter.  He leaned against a tree to rest for a couple of minutes and looked over the trees and rocks.

“Do you grow on the north or south side?” Ben asked the moss rhetorically.  “Or east… blah”.  He spat both in frustration and to clear his injured mouth of the constant flow of saliva.  For the first time in the last two hours the spit was clear of blood.

Ben was still undecided on whether he wished he had just been shot to death the night before.  Even though a lot of the pain was gone now, he wasn’t sure if that meant he was healing quickly or dying slowly.  His father used to always say “pain is the body’s way of reminding you you’re alive”.  Maybe it was all the blood he had lost that was numbing his body.

All in all he was doing a heck of a lot better than he was just hours ago except that he was still stuck, alone in the middle of some random forest.   There were no hiking or ATV trails or any other sign of civilization anywhere.  No camp grounds or roads.  He had stumbled along for a few miles now to no avail and for all he knew, he may have been wandering away from humanity.

With a grunt, Ben started walking again.  He figured he would have come across a road by now if he were going in the correct direction and that he should head back the way he came.  In hindsight, he could have simply followed the muddy tracks left by the Lincoln.  Unfortunately he wasn’t in a state of mind to make any sensible decisions and had tried to distance himself from Larry and the Lincoln as quickly as possible.

Ben decided to pull the collar of his shirt up and keep it clenched between his teeth.  His mouth was literally a constant fountain of saliva and he was tired of spitting and figured his shirt would soak up a decent amount of it.

“Great, the stupid wolf probably had rabies or something” Ben mumbled to himself and rubbed his stomach.  His best friend growing up had to get rabies shots in his stomach.  Needles were on his top-five list of things he hated most.  Actually having rabies was higher up than the shots though.

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