First Moon – Chapter 3


In the blink of an eye, Moe disappeared.  Ben couldn’t see anything out of his left eye and his right was swollen almost as bad.  He was practically blind, laying in the darkness of the forest with little more than the light of the moon in the cloudy sky to illuminate his surroundings.  The rain and the mist along the forest floor didn’t help.

Ben could barely breathe through his battered and bruised body, never mind moving around.  He laid back in the mud figuring he had been left there to bleed to death.  He would have been content to lay there and just die in peace, still devoid of any pain thanks to the drugs, if it weren’t for a constant crunching and crackling noise just a few feet from his head.  He tried to shout and shoo the noise away but nothing came out of his mouth and his hand barely moved.  After a few more gut wrenching crunches, Ben flung his hand in the direction of the noise.  Later, he would debate the logic of that action, but for now, it seemed like a reasonable way to get the noise to stop.

That was when the wolf attacked him.  His hand had fallen on the huge animal’s meal, Moe, and instinctively the animal angrily protected it.  The wolf’s bite was incredible and Ben could feel its teeth penetrate right down to the bone in his forearm.   The first sound finally escaped his lips as he managed a meager scream as he felt the first tinge of pain.  It was a horrible time for the drugs to start wearing off.  The high beams of the Lincoln flashed on, flooding the area in light, and seconds later gunshots echoed through the otherwise silent night.

The chaos that ensued after was startling.  Hundreds of birds flew up into the sky as more gunshots sounded out.  Ben wasn’t a weapons expert, in fact he had never been within ten feet of a real gun in his life, until now anyway, but from the movies he had seen, he figured one of the guns was definitely some type of machine gun, probably a Uzi.

Shouts of pain followed and violent crashes and thuds right after.  One of the high beams flashed off as the plastic cover shattered and the bulb inside burst.  The Uzi had stopped but a much louder pistol was still being unloaded.   The wolf had let out horrible whelps as it was berated with lead rounds.  Finally the commotion ceased and the night fell silent again as did Benjamin James.

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