The Hero – Chapter 6

The walk took about half an hour.  Normally I’d bus it there, and I suggested that to Vanessa, but the day was so beautiful and the streets unusually abandoned that she preferred to walk.  I was actually grateful for that, although having a lot of people around to see us walking together would have been great too.

Outside of being human and going to the same high school, we didn’t have much else in common and sitting side by side? Or face to face? On a bus would have been a lot more awkward.  She seemed to have quite a bit on her mind so I let her walk in peace, enjoying the scenery as we moved.

Normally I’d get the chance to stand back and ogle her at a distance, unabashed.  It sucked not being able to watch the way she flicked her hips with every step or… thinking about it brought on the urge I couldn’t control.  I had to peek over, just for a quick second to see.  Her butt looked incredible in her tight khaki shorts.  Most of the other cheerleaders had beefy, muscular legs but Vanessa’s were still lean and muscular but feminine… and that’s when it hit me, or rather, when I hit it.  The metal no-parking sign barely flinched as my right shoulder crashed into it, spinning me around and almost knocking me to the ground.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” she asked and reached a hand out to help steady me.

I quickly scanned around the area to see what train had just run me over.  Blinking wildly and waving my head side to side, I started to get my focus back.  “Uh… yeah, I just… wow.” I burst into laughter at my stupidity.

“Are you sure?” she asked, watching the way I was favoring my right side as it bounced with each laugh.  After a moment she seemed to be sure that I would survive and relaxed.  “Serves you right, really” she barked and started walking again.

“What?” I asked and jogged ahead to catch up and walk beside her again.

“It’s rude to stare at a lady’s behind like that, you know” she waved her hand dejectedly at me without looking.  “Maybe you should spend more time practicing being a gentleman and less time trying to stare down wild beasts”

I smiled and my cheeks burned bright red.  It was a bit of a relief in a way.  I wondered if the time would come when I’d get the opportunity to tell her how I felt about her or what I thought and how she would react.   Seeing her react to my obvious interest without flinching had to mean that at the very least, she wasn’t completely disgusted by it.  It didn’t mean much, but at least it was better than if she slapped me or stormed away.

She cocked her head to face me with an expression that screamed “well!?” as she was clearly waiting for a reply.  My mouth began to move to apologize but my eyes caught hers and I had the feeling that she wasn’t looking for an apology.  I suddenly thought “chicks dig the bad guys” and had an idea.

I raised an eyebrow at her confidently and smiled.  “If you ask me it was worth it” I said proudly, rubbing my shoulder.

“Hmm… is that so?” She asked, her expression daring me to answer.

I tried to put on the toughest, most badass expression I could muster to deliver the killer line as I bent my head back threatening to peek at her tight butt again when I was knocked flat by the telephone pole.  This time she didn’t wait to see if I was okay, she burst into hysterics with her left arm pulled in tight to her stomach and her right hand covering her mouth as she stomped from foot to foot.

A sighed and propped up on my elbows and waited patiently.  “Are you done? Can I get up now? I don’t want to interrupt your good time” I sighed and couldn’t help but laugh.  I’d never really pictured her like this before.  I had only ever seen her from afar and she always looked so… so cool, so calm and melancholy.  I had put her up on a pedestal in my mind, a goddess, meant to be worshipped and groveled to.  Right now she looked more like a kid that was going to start shooting milk through her nose any moment.

She struggled to compose herself as I managed to get back up onto my feet.  “Still worth it?” she giggled and then burst into laughter again, this time pointing right at my face as tears streaked down her face.

I looked down the street, pretending to count the signs and poles along the way.  “Maybe I’ll behave and live to stare another day”

She reached her hand out and placed it on my shoulder to help steady herself as her entire body convulsed with laughter.  As her dainty hand sat a thought crossed my mind.  “Vanessa Vaughn is holding your shoulder!” my brain screamed and my knees almost buckled under me.  Thankfully I held fast and didn’t fall.  Truthfully I wouldn’t have been that embarrassed, not after what I had just done.  I could pretend it was a concussion or something.  I was more worried that if I collapsed, she’d laugh harder and possibly die.

“Let’s go” I said as I rolled my eyes and started back towards the community center, it was only another thirty feet or so to the door.  I was sure I could manage not to hit anything the rest of the way.  I wasn’t completely sure I wouldn’t try and sneak another peek at her behind though.

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